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When your Everlywell results are ready, they will send a notification to check your results on everlywell.com/register. It’s typical to want to learn everything you can about your health, whether you’re coping with chronic allergies or you’re just interested in how your body functions.

For those who want simple access to comprehensive health information, at-home health testing kits are a practical substitute for in-person tests. First, you order your kit after choosing a test, take your samples and send your samples to the lab.

According to Everlywell, they take the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) very seriously and are HIPAA compliant. Unless you give them permission, they won’t share your results with anyone.


In 2015, the Austin, Texas-based Everlywell began offering health tests. Direct shipping of in-home testing kits is provided by the business, and you can see your results on everlywell.com/register.

Customers collect samples on their own using the materials provided and then send them out using the associated prepaid expedited packaging. The business uses a secure platform to quickly deliver results. 32 different tests are available from Everlywell, including those for general health, men’s and women’s health, weight and energy and finally sexual wellness.

How Do I Get My Everlywell Results?

Results are often available in your account on the safe online platform of Everlywell within a few days.  You can get your results online through everlywell.com/register. Your request will be reviewed and approved for testing by a doctor from the Everlywell network, so you’ll never require a referral from your primary care physician.

How Long Does Everlywell Take To Get Results?

Your findings should arrive in 5 business days, however processing timeframes may differ and some tests may take longer. When the findings are ready, you’ll receive an email, and you may log into your Everlywell account to retrieve the data.

Some tests come with free doctor consultations via telehealth. Your doctor can also receive the results. Check everlywell.com/register to see the results process.

How Do I Contact Everlywell?

Their normal business hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. You can contact Everlywell in between these hours and days. Please get in touch with Everlywell Customer Experience Team on their official website if you have any questions regarding your order.

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