ACP Application Form: How To Apply and Benefits


ACP Application Form is a paperwork in applying to the program. If you want to benefit from ACP Benefit, you may need detailed information about the ACP Benefit Application Form. This form consists of 8 pages. Also, the other name of the form is FCC Form 5645.

What is ACP Application Form?

ACP Application Form is a form prepared by the Federal Communications Commission. It is a form that must be filled out by those who wish to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program. Even if the form consists of 8 pages, it is not a very difficult paperwork.

No information is requested from applicants on the first page of the form. This page consists of the rules of the ACP. One of the most important points to be considered while filling out the form is to be honest. Be honest when filling out the form. This is very important for your smooth ACP application. Because in any problem, your application will be rejected and you may have to prepare documents again.

Another rule to know about ACP benefits is that these rights cannot be given to anyone else. That is, you cannot make an application on your own behalf for someone else to use the internet at a discount. If such a thing is detected, your right will be denied. Also, you may not be allowed to apply for another benefit program.

How to Fill ACP Application Form

There are 3 different ways to apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program. If you are planning to ACP apply now, the easiest and fastest method for you is online.

This way of application is to fill out the ACP Application Form Online. Step-by-Step ACP Online Application.


1.Enter your information on the page that opens. Here you have to reply with your personal information. On the next page, there is detailed information about you for application.

2.At the bottom of the page, you will be asked whether you are eligible for the program. If you are not eligible for this program yourself. You can apply on behalf of your children. In order not to waste time, make sure to check your eligibility for the program.

3.Make sure you answer all sections completely and correctly and click the NEXT button. In this section, you have filled out the details about your household completely.

Besides the online application, you can also apply to the program by e-mail. For this, print out the ACP Application Form. Fill it out completely and accurately and send it to the address below.

ACP Support Center
PO Box 7081
London, KY 40742

Finally contact your internet company. Ask your internetprovider whether they take part  in the ACP.  Participating companies can help you apply the program.

ACP Benefits

  • ACP Benefits have a great contribution to households. A few of them are as follows;
  • The program provides discounted internet access to low-income households.
  • It is much easier and more affordable for university and high school students, most of whom are low-income, to access the Internet.
  • The government also offers the internet, which is now a necessity for everyone, to its low-income citizens.
  • With the access of low-income households to the internet, there will be a great progress in the field of life awareness.
  • ACP Benefit  is not just a discount rate on a monthly internet bill. There is also a discount when purchasing a newly purchased device with an internet connection.

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