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The Portage Daily Register focuses on regional news and features including coverage of regional county, city, and some village administrations.

Since 1886, The Portage Daily Register has published a daily community newspaper that covers local news, breaking news, opinion, and sports in both print and online editions.

Portage Daily Register

Customers who purchase a membership to the register get thorough and in-depth news coverage. Readers of the Portage Daily Register newspaper are consistently informed because of its incisive editorial content, strong local emphasis, and engaging feature articles. You can purchase a Portage Daily print subscription for home delivery.

How Do I Publish An Obituary In Portage?

Make contact with their customer service department to place an obituary in the Register. They can help you have your obituary published in the Portage Daily Register and other papers all throughout the country. You can reach them by phone at (888) 823-8554 or by email.

The day prior at 5 PM is the cutoff time for submitting an obituary for publication. To give time for the death to be verified, they strongly advise that you file as soon as possible. On holidays, deadlines may be different.

Legacy.com may speak with you or the funeral director directly to verify the death. Legacy.com is a haven for solace and joy. The Portage Daily reserve the right to remove obituaries that contain profanity, disparaging remarks about others, or other violations of their terms of service.

What Is The Mailing Address For The Daily Register?

You can send emails to [email protected]. Also, the Portage Daily Register may be found in Portage, Wisconsin, at 1640 La Dawn Dr.

The Portage Daily was established in 1970 and is situated in Portage, Wisconsin. Portage Daily Register employs about 12 workers in this location. Shannon Green can be reached at (888) 823-8554.

Can Flowers Be Sent To A Visitation Or Funeral Service In Portage?

Yes, and it is appropriate to send flowers to the funeral home or the deceased’s home to express your sympathies. Occasionally, the family may request that donations be made to a specific charity in lieu of flowers, and this request should be respected.

Another method to respect individuals who are grieving the loss is to provide meals to the bereaved family. Sending the family a sympathy card would be a less expensive and perfectly acceptable choice. Cards can be mailed at any time; there is no deadline or specified time limit.

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